Important characteristics

The Matchmaking Device System (Patent Pending) is a very low-cost device used to improve social interaction, and to enrich the experience of individuals in a specific social event. Its most important characteristics are:
  • Awareness of the presence of strangers that share similar interests within a reduced spatial area.
  • Indication of the matching probability or compatibility between these strangers.
  • Wide domain of application due to the general definition of matching probability or compatibility. It is able to match any set of human interests: it can be used in dating events, in scientific reunions, in schools, on tourist resorts, in densely populated urban settings, etc.
  • A computer does all the data processing, freeing the Matchmaking Device from this task. This makes the MD a very low-cost device.
  • Intended primarily for specific social events. This helps to overcome the problem of the critical mass associated with other technologies used for social interaction, and intended for use in the general population. Considering its low cost, the device can be distributed to all participants of a specific event.

The Matchmaking Device is designed to be fun to use, simple to manipulate, easy to interpret, and reliable. Considering other similar products already on the market, the Matchmaking Device System is unique in many ways:
  • In order to fulfill their purpose, products in this category must be distributed to a large number of individuals to generate a practical probability level of encounters. This is one of the biggest hurdles that this type of device faces when it is introduced to the market: to attain the critical mass. The Matchmaking Device System is intended primarily for use in specific social contexts, where, due to its low cost, it can be distributed at once to all the participants. This makes this product unique in its category!
  • As opposed to other products, the Matchmaking Device System is not primarily marketed for the general population, although use in the general population is possible and easy to implement once the product becomes known. The targeted customer is an enterprise that offers services to large groups of people at once (nightclubs, tourist resorts, party organizers, etc).This product would be used to augment their services, and to enrich the experience of their clients. The Matchmaking Device System adds value to the services of these enterprises, and for some of them it can become an important or even an indispensable item.
  • The general definition of matching probability or compatibility makes this product very versatile; it can adapt to a great variety of applications with no need to modify its hardware. That allows a great diversification with little investment.
Potential licensees of the Matchmaking Device System are also interested in the long-term expectations of this product. Our market study shows that the most promising application is in the dating industry (see the following section). We recommend this specific market for the first introduction of the Matchmaking Device System. The target costumers in this case are nightclubs, singles party organizers, web-based enterprises offering dating services, tourist resorts, cruise ships, etc. The Matchmaking Device System ads value to the services offered by these enterprises operating in these industries, by enhancing the experience of their customers, which are also users of this product. Once the licensee gets a feedback from the market, the Matchmaking Device can be adapted for a variety of other applications, with no modifications required for the hardware, and only minor software adaptations. It can be used in schools to match students with similar academic interests, in scientific meetings to match the attendants, in densely populated urban areas for the general population, etc. On the other hand, the modular structure of its electronics permits easy improvements additions of new features. The Matchmaking Device System offers the licensee the opportunity for market growth by product development and diversification. It shows all the signs for a bright future.
There is a fundamental pattern of human behavior in social contexts that transcends culture. In the mean time, we all agree that social interaction, individual interests, and the expectations that one has from a stranger, are all modulated by the cultural background. Considering the ability of the Matchmaking Device System to adapt to a great variety of applications with only minor software adaptations, this makes this product universal; it can be sold on the entire planet.

The Matchmaking Device System offers great competitive advantages. First, there is no other equivalent product on the market. Second, there is a huge and diverse market for it. Third, it can be produced at a very low cost. Forth, it overcomes the problem of the critical mass. Sixth, in can be easily diversified.

Can we approximate how many Matchmaking Devices can be sold, and at what price? Judging on the success of Lovegety, a social interaction gadget introduced in Japan (350,000 sold in the first two months, 25$ apiece), we can safely say that people are willing to pay between 10 and 20 $ for a Matchmaking Device. Dating events organizers, nightclubs, tourist resorts, cruise ships, are willing to pay from 5 to 10 $ apiece and include it in their service packages. The cost price, if mass-produced in China, is around 2$ apiece. The volume can be approximated from the market size.