Nowadays, in the digital era, people can extend their social networks beyond their geographical area. A great number of online communities that satisfy various social needs have appeared on the Internet space. Moreover, telecommunication technology offers individuals the possibility to maintain contact over unlimited distances. Currently, an interesting merger between Internet and wireless technology is taking shape. Not only can people get in contact by using wireless devices while being mobile, but they can also get notice about the whereabouts of their acquaintances, using wireless devices with integrated geographical locators (like GPS for example), or Bluetooth technology. Nevertheless, low-cost wireless technology can also allow individuals that share similar interests to meet in the most diverse places. This is what the Matchmaking Device System is all about.This invention combines wireless technology and Internet into a very low-cost device, and enables individuals in densely populated resorts, at large gatherings, in nightclubs, in densely populated urban settings, etc., to be aware of nearby individuals sharing similar interests, and to decide to meet them based on their compatibility.
The Matchmaking Device matches two persons according to a set of criteria. It can take any shape or form, and has a built-in low-cost electronic device with short-range communication capability. It signals the compatibility between two users, whenever their Matchmaking Devices come into their range of communication. These Matchmaking Devices can be used in social events like singles parties for example, in which case they can take the form of drinking glasses, bracelets, buttons, etc., and the compatibility refers to interpersonal relationships. They can also be used on tourist resorts, cruises, clubbing areas, and other places where there are an important number of individuals looking to socialize or exchange ideas with others that share similar interests. Used in combination with any type of organization that can constitute an online community, this type of device brings this virtual community into real life.